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Who We Send Email To

Marriagetrac will only send promotional email to our constituents who have [1] opted-in to our e-mail list (to “opt-in” means you have checked, or have not un-checked, the box giving us permission to send you email.

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What We Email

If you have subscribed to our list, at the beginning of each month you will receive Marriagetrac e-News. Marriagetrac e-News is a brief announcement describing our latest features, content, and promotions.

Typically, we maintain a monthly mailing schedule. However, if we need to communicate new, time-sensitive information that we feel is of high value to you, we may email to you more frequently. We take decisions related to mailing frequency seriously — we always send messages in moderation and we will never send you an irrelevant or inappropriate email.

Subscribing and Making Changes

While we encourage you to remain on the e-News list, you may at any time choose to unsubscribe by following instructions included in the message we send you. Your request will be processed immediately — you will be removed from our list and you will not receive future messages from us.

Why were you sent email you do not want?

There are a few possibilities:

  • You signed up and forgot.
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  • Someone signed you up without your permission.

Spam Filtering

If you are using spam filtering software, you can enter the following email address into your filtering software’s “white list” to ensure you continue to receive Marriagetrac email messages:
e-news@growthtrac.com or our domain marriagetrac.com

How We Email

Our messages are delivered in a multi-mime format. This means if your email program is capable of viewing HTML, the message will display in HTML. If not, you will see our message in text format.

Your Privacy

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