What does it take for someone to realize that a serious change is needed in his or her life? For Sarah Kelly, it was her new sophomore release, Where the Past Meets Today (Gotee). by: lindsay williams

Imagine sitting next to Steven Segal at the 2005 Grammy Awards dressed in a $20,000 Jennifer Nicholson dress flowing in hues of pink, green and orange. Then, as if being there wasn’t enough, imagine being nominated for “Best Rock Gospel Album.” This dream became a reality for Sarah Kelly with the success of her debut project, Take Me Away (Gotee). Kelly reflects on that night with so much excitement that you barely catch all the words, “I was like a Disney princess for a day?I mean I can’t even explain to you what a day that was! It was like a big dream for me.”

Most would consider Kelly’s career, thus far, quite the dream. In addition to the Grammy nod, 50,000 copies of Take Me Away sold, two hit singles and touring stints opening for Jars of Clay, a life-size portrait of her appears in the “World’s Largest Outdoor Photo Exhibit” seen in 140 Guitar Center stores nationwide.

But don’t be fooled. Take one listen to the honesty found on Kelly’s new disc, Where the Past Meets Today, and you begin to sense that her life has been far from that of royalty. In fact, it’s just been in the past year that Kelly has been able to come to terms with a lifelong battle with abusive relationships that began when she was 12 years old. “To be honest, it’s an addiction,” she says. “That’s why women stay. [The men] are so nice to you for four or five days after that?You go through what you need to [in order to] get through to the make-up period.” Kelly speaks from experience, having had tables and chairs thrown at her and, even, having been locked in a closet for days. “I was hiding this room in my heart from God for the longest time, so I was literally disqualifying myself from peace until just last year when I finally drew the line,” she admits.

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