Title:  Everything Glorious
Artists:  Various Artists
Label:  sixstepsrecords
Length:  13 Tracks / 66:00
Released:  April 2006

The thirteen tracks of the CD Passion Everything Glorious feature some of today’s leading worship singer/songwriters. If I am not mistaken every one of the artists that appear on Everything Glorious is either actively involved in leading worship at a church or has done so in the past. It is therefore easy to understand why the songs are delivered with such authenticity and heart.

Chris Tomlin’s “Glorious” stands out as the priceless jewel of this treasure. Joined by the absolutely gorgeous vocals of Christy Nockels “Glorious” is a moving piece that reflects the hearts of the two singers. Nockels is retiring to spend more time with her children. For years this talented woman along with hubby Nathan formed one of America’s most dynamic worship duos, Watermark.

“Party” brought a smile to my face as Chris Tomlin demonstrates that he not only pens good worship tunes but he is prepared to rock out with the best of them. The musicians are stellar. Playing the keys is Nathan Nockels and keeping the beats is Travis Nunn. The real note benders however are the guitarists, Daniel Carson (electric), bassist Jesse Reeves and on acoustic Tomlin. There is an awesome guitar solo displaying the raw energy and passion of Carson. The always incredible Ed Cash produced the song. The lyrics are simple and will not wow you but I guarantee you will have fun with this tune.

The incredible Mr. Tomlin was acknowledged at this year’s Dove Awards as the Male Vocalist and Artist of the Year. Austin Texas’ gift to the music world went home with five awards tucked under his arm. Tomlin also contributes to the CD “Awesome Is The Lord Most High” and “I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)”. He is one of several artists (Charlie Hall, Matt Redman and David Crowder) who collaborate for a cover of the Delirious? song “Our God Reigns”.

Worship music can take us in a couple of directions. There are those who look for deep theological meaning while others want to simply lift their praises heavenward. Passion Everything Glorious fits into the later category.   Charlie Hall’s gentle acoustic guitar sings to Brian Bergman’s pretty keys to create the prayerful “Center” and “We Are Yours”. As I closed my eyes listening to “We Are Yours” I could feel the Holy Spirit move within me. It is so easy to get lost in Hall leading the audience in singing. The song ends on a nice a cappella note (no pun intended!)

Other songs that will bend your ear include Matt Redman’s “You Never Let Go” and the David Crowder Band’s “Everything Glorious”. The later is a modern day Psalm in the truest sense as Crowder wonders aloud about the magnitude of God and His creation comparing it to our smallness. Open your Bible to Psalm 8 and you will get the idea.

Crowder who also took home several Dove Awards including three for production and songwriting credits turns his attention to doing what he does best, coloring outside the lines. He pushes the worship envelope with “You Are My Joy” and “We Win”.

“Our God Reigns” which seems more like an encore than a final track would make Martin Smith of Delirious? proud. The lead vocalist for Delirious? is the only one I have heard sing it better. Tomlin, Hall, Crowder and Redman combine for the finale “Our God Reigns”.

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