After 15 years of penning youth group anthems and mission trip mantras, Audio Adrenaline is releasing a final best-of compilation album titled Adios. The difference between this and 2001’s Hit Parade is the inclusion of songs from albums Lift, Worldwide and Until My Heart Caves In. The disc also includes two new songs, including first single “Goodbye.” The result is a veritable before-and-after.

However, it’s not necessarily that the songs get better — “Big House” will always be a classic — it’s that the band has been able to remain relevant in an ever-changing musical landscape. Adios produces a fresh admiration for what Audio A has accomplished. From the confident declaration of “We’re a Band,” to the feel-good fun of “Get Down,” to the soulful desperation of “Pierced,” these songs chronicle both the evolution of a band and that of the individual Christian walk.

With much appreciation, we say “adios” to Audio Adrenaline, whose mark on the lives of many listeners will never be erased.

Copyright © 2006 Christian Music Planet, used with permission.

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