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Marriagetrac airs a popular 24-7 streamed radio station  with contemporary Christian music and inspiring marriage programming from outstanding organizations, including FamilyLife, MarriageToday, Gary Chapman, Crown Financial, TLN, and Growthtrac Ministries.

  • Marriagetrac Radio is simulcast on iTunes and available onTuneIn and iPhone & Android mobile apps
  • Available through Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.
  • Consider adding Marriagetrac Radio spots to your media buy.
  • The spots below were professionally voiced and produced by Marriagetrac. Advertisers my provide their own spot, or Marriagetrac can professionally voice and produce the spot. See the Media Kit for details. Currently, MarriagetracRadio serves 200,000+ streams monthly.

Example Spots

What is Streamed Radio?

Streamed Radio (or Online Radio) is radio programming transmitted over the Internet instead of the airwaves. Most online radio is either traditional radio stations simulcasting their signal or original stations broadcasting exclusively on the Web. Unlike traditional radio, online radio does not require a special receiver to access the content. Any computer with Internet access can be used to listen to online radio. Radio online is a credible, responsive medium that delivers impressions to an educated, affluent, loyal audience.

Why Streamed Radio?

Those who have listened to online radio in the last month…

  • Estimated 54 million Americans
  • 21% of U.S. population 12+

Of those who have listened to online radio in the last week…

  • Estimated 33 million Americans
  • 11% of U.S. population 12+
  • 2017 may well be a year many radio broadcasters would rather forget, but those streaming their audio online likely gained listeners, according to a study by Accustream Imedia Research. In fact, a company press summary of the report shows that online music radio streams generated 4.85 billion total listening hours in 2017, up 26.1 percent over 2016.
  • The weekly online radio audience is at an all-time high with an estimated 33 million listeners. An uptick in 2008 listening has resulted in the highest total weekly audience for online radio since Arbitron and Edison began tracking this measure in 2000. Thirteen percent of Americans age 12 and older reported listening to online radio in the last week.
  • Over one in seven 25- to 54-year-olds listen to online radio on a weekly basis. Fifteen percent of Americans age 25-54 are weekly online radio listeners. Online radio delivers 14 percent of persons in the prime 18-49 radio buying demo.
  • Over one in five has listened to online radio in the last month. Twenty-one percent of the U.S. population age 12 and older has listened to online radio in the last month. The estimated monthly audience for online radio is approximately 54 million.
  • Online radio listeners are more likely to be employed full-time than average. Fifty-seven percent of weekly online radio listeners are employed full-time, compared to only 43 percent of all respondents age 12 and older. — Source: Arbitron Inc./Edison Media Research 2018
  • By 2012, online advertising spending in the US is expected to surpass radio advertising spending. While not signaling the death of radio, it is an indication that radio is being subsumed into a broader sector called “audio.” — Source: e-marketer
  • By 2015, we anticipate one out of every four dollars spent on advertising and marketing will be earmarked for alternative media,’ said Patrick Quinn, CEO of PQ Media. — Source: PQ Media’s Alternative Media Forecast: 2014-2018 report — Source: Arbitron 2010 Digital Radio Study